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Some of Our Favorite Things

In addition to regular infusions and vitamin injections, these are our favorite brands and products for health, wellness and clean living.  Many of the links have coupon codes or discounts built in. Thanks for using the links to support various amazing families!

Therapeutic grade essential oils, bioavailable supplements, non-toxic cleaning and beauty products. 

Absorbable liquid collagen and supplements. Link includes a $10 off coupon.

TRS is a liquid zeolite heavy metal detox spray.

Quality, effective air purification for the home and office. Total 3-stage filtration that is 100x more effective than ordinary filters.

Healthy food from organic brands at wholesale prices. Link includes up to 40% off your first order.

Plant-based superfood powder. Click link for discount on first order. 

Great for non-DIYers looking for clean, yet affordable skincare. Use code Angi for 20% off.

A clean, non-toxic alternative to anti-aging procedures and injections. Nightly forehead patches that immobilize your face while you sleep and prevent wrinkles. Link includes $10 off your first purchase.

Scientifically shown to signal the activation of genes that modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness.

A personal, portable red light & full spectrum infrared sauna for detoxing, healing, and recovery. 15% off with code ANGI15

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